Malakoff Independent School District

TEA Required Internet Posting

Texas Association of School Administrators
Texas Association of School Administrators
Internet Postings for School Districts
September 1, 2016
Accreditation Status (19 Administrative Code §97.1055(f))
Notice of School Board Meeting (Government Code, §551.056(b)(3))
Agenda for School Board Meeting (Government Code, §551.056(c)(3))
Video and Audio Recording of School Board Meetings (Government Code, §551.128(b-1)(1-2))
  • Requires a school district with a student enrollment of 10,000 or more to make available on the internet an archived copy of the video and audio recording of each regularly scheduled open meeting that is not a work session or a special called meeting.
    • MISD student enrollment is less than 10,000.
Capital Appreciation Bonds (Government Code, §1201.0245 (b)(4)(A-G))
Campus Report Card, Performance Report, District Rating (Education Code, §39.362)
Texas Academic Performance Report (Title 19 Administrative Code, §61.1022(f))
  • Requires the local board of trustees to disseminate the report by posting it on the school district’s website. 
Locally Determined Performance Ratings (Title 19 Administrative Code, §61.1023(h))
Annual Federal Report Card (20 U.S.C. 6311(h)(2)(E))
Targeted Improvement Plan (Education Code, §39.106 (a-1), (e-1)(2))
  • Requires a campus intervention team to provide notice of a meeting to solicit input for the development of the targeted improvement plan on the website of the campus. Requires a school district to post the targeted improvement plan a board of trustees will consider prior to a hearing.
    • Non-Applicable
School Board’s Employment Policies (Education Code, §21.204(d))
Group Health Coverage Report and Plan (Education Code, §22.004(d))
  • Requires a school district that does not participate in the TRS uniform group insurance program to post on its website the annual report submitted to TRS and a copy of the group health coverage plan.
    • not required, MISD selected the TRS Active Care group.
Conflict Disclosure Statements and Questionnaires (Local Government Code, §176.009(a))
Annual Financial Report of Debt Obligation (Local Government Code, §140.008(c-d))
Main Office Contact Information (Local Government Code, §140.008(f)(2))
  • Requires a school district to continuously post on its website the contact information for the main office, including the physical address, the mailing address, the main telephone number, and an email address.
Election Notice (Election Code, §85.007(d)(1))
Political Contributions and Expenditures Report (Election Code, §254.04011(b))
  • Requires a school district located wholly or partly in a municipality with a population of more than 500,000 and a student enrollment of more than 15,000 to post on the district’s website the contributions and expenditures report of a member of the board of trustees, a candidate for a school trustee position, or a specific-purpose committee supporting, opposing, or assisting a candidate. 
    • MISD has less than 15,000 students enrolled.
Vacancy Postings (Education Code, §11.1513(d)(1)(B))
Superintendent’s Contract (Title 19 Administrative Code, §109.1001(o)(3)(B)(i))
Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas Costs (Government Code, §2265.001(b))
Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate (Tax Code, §26.05(b)(2))
  • Requires a school district to post on its website a statement that indicates that it adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year’s tax rate.
Summary of Proposed Budget (Education Code, §44.0041(a)(1))
Adopted Budget (Education Code, §44.0051(a))
Landowner’s Bill of Rights (Property Code, §21.0112(b)(2))
Proposal for Qualifying Project (Government Code, §2267.066(2)(A))
High School Personal Graduation Plan (Education Code, §28.02121(b))
Transition and Employment Guide (Education Code, §29.0112(e)(1))
Testing for Home Schooled Students (Education Code, §29.916(c))
Programs and Services for Homeless Students (Education Code, §33.906(a))
Bullying Reporting Procedure (Education Code, §37.0832(e))
Testing Transparency – Title 1, Part A Recipients (20 U.S.C. § 6312(e)(2)(B))
College Credit Programs (Education Code, §28.010(b))
Physical Activity Policies (Education Code, §28.004(k))
  • Requires a school district to post on its website a statement of its physical activity policies for elementary, middle school, and junior high school students and statement of the number of times during the preceding year the health advisory council met, whether the district has adopted and enforces policies to ensure that campuses are complying with vending machine and food service guidelines, whether the district has adopted and enforces policies that penalizes the use of tobacco products by students, and a statement providing notice to parents that they can request in writing their child’s physical fitness assessment results at the end of the school year.
Immunization Awareness (Education Code, §38.019(a))
  • Requires a school district to prominently post in English and Spanish the immunizations required for public school, any immunizations or vaccines recommended for public school students, any health clinics that offer the influenza vaccine, and a link to the Department of State Health Services website where a person can learn about the procedures to claim an exemption from the immunization requirements.
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