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College Readiness

It's never too early to plan for college
College Guide for Malakoff ISD parents
Why is College Important?
  •  College is an investment for the future.
  •  College graduates have the potential to earn a higher income.
  •  A college education provides more job opportunities.
  •  Survey's taken that college graduates enjoy a better quality life.
  •  Many job positions require some form of college education.
Types of Colleges
Four-year Colleges and Universities - Typically offer bachelor's degrees in various fields of study
Two-year Colleges and Universities - Offer associates degrees, certificates for specialized training as well as courses for transfer credit.
Vocational and Technical Colleges - Private school specializing in trades or vocations.
Admission Requirements
Colleges are looking for well-rounded students that are able to maintain a good academic record while also being actively involved in their school and community.
  •  Academic Records
  •  Test Scores
  •  Letter of Recommendation
  •  Essay(s)
  •  Student Activities and Employment
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