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Welcome, All Aboard for the Google Te@ch Train

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a free-suite of online tools from Google available to all Malakoff ISD students and staff for the purpose of communicating and collaborating. The tools, such as Google Drive, Google Apps, Google Classroom and Google Gmail will be utilized in the classroom to support the curriculum.

Benefits of Google Apps for Education:
  • Security and Privacy First
  • Online storage of documents, videos, and images
  • Real-time collaboration for students and teachers
  • Ubiquitous internet access at school campus or home from any mobile device or tablet
  • MISD "Green@Work" initiative
  • Many add-on's/extensions to Google Apps

Fourth Station Stop: Google Docs
Fifth Station Stop: Google Forms
Sixth Station Stop: Google Sheets
Seventh Station Stop: Google Slides
Eighth Station Stop: Google Hangouts
Ninth Station Stop: Google Classroom